Welcome to Adoption Counts–we hope to be hearing from you soon.  Please be liberal in your commenting–we welcome questions especially.

Now, a smidgen of information about us, this blog, and the stuff we offer.   First, I do most of the writing around here but occasionally you may hear from my hubby of 20 years, Tim.  He likes to give advice to dads now and then and that can be really helpful.  Secondly, you should know that the picture you see of the three adorable children isn’t a set of neighbor kids we borrowed from down the block (although neighbor kids do show up in our pictures once in a while…) they are actually our children.  In this picture, the oldest is 12–Ezra, then there is the 10 year old–Gabriel, and finally the Rose between two cute thorns, Rosie–9 and affectionately called “Wilamina Rose Petal” around our house.  (They are actually much bigger now–17, 15 and 14–you can see how they’ve changed by checking out the rest of the pictures on this page.)

At this point many people may tell you about their pets in specific terms–you know, names, ages etc… I will spare you since we have 8 chickens, 4 horses, 1 rabbit,  2 dogs and 5 cats.  Most of these animals do, in fact, have names but I respect your time.

What do we do here?  That is a fabulous question.  We write articles about learning issues, attachment issues, behavior problems and what to do about them, natural solutions to everything from the common cold to depression, share recipes for tasty and healthy food and also tell true tales of life on our little six acre hobby farm.

Two of our three children are adopted from foster care and did sincerely have severe and aggressive behaviors when they moved in.  I’ll let you guess about which ones are adopted, that isn’t really important.  What is important is that we have walked in the shoes of those of you who are longing to have a peaceful house.  We have endured the LONG tantrums, screaming fits, violence, and fearful nights associated with trauma.  We know what it is like to skip the subjects of reading and math for nearly 18 months just so we could build a relationship with our children and the trust it would take for them to allow us to teach them the hard stuff. In truth, I started writing as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions during the first few years of transition and adoption and soon realized there may be others like me out there looking for some encouragement.

In addition to having experienced these things, we have hosted family members through crisis, made it through unemployment and lived to tell the tale and dealt with two plus years of intense and frustrating depression during our eldest’s early teen years.  (Don’t worry–I have permission to tell you that!)  The crazy thing is–all these things have occurred during the last 8 years.  Whew!

Our mission on this blog is to encourage you–especially if you share any of our experiences or are smack in the middle of your own family crisis.  You may also find posts about our favorite books, the people we trust when it comes to parenting advice and links about interesting archeological discoveries. 

History is also a big part of our lives, as I host a cottage school program with 13 students during the school year using the History Revealed curriculum, which incorporates the 8 intelligences and the 4 learning styles. Knowing about the way all kids are smart can be a life saver for kids with learning challenges.

In essence, this site got started back when the kids were younger and has morphed over the years to include more about homeschooling, home remedies, homesteading and parenting–not just adoption.  In fact, if you are interested in a funny story to get you started, check out one of my first posts from December, 2008 about the beginnings of our hobby farm.  It is sure to make you laugh!  Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and come on in!

Blessings, Sandra Nardoni

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