This switch to no refined sugars has been really rough for my oldest son.  He had gotten into a bad habit of raiding the pantry for all things bread and sugar.  He admits he is feeling A LOT better but not having anything really sweet around has been a challenge. I went looking for something to help out his sweet tooth and I found a winner!

I discovered a great recipe at the Prairie Homestead for sprouted grain chocolate chip cookies and let me tell you, they were a HUGE hit.  My oldest–Ezra–even put his stamp of approval on them.  My husband told me to keep my mouth shut and take them to any potluck supper and no one would know the difference.

What’s really exciting me about these cookies is they were made with a half cup of sucanat and honey and we tried giving them to Gabriel, who has major issues with sugar–namely, it makes him wet the bed.  He had two cookies, pretty late in the day, and no accident that night!  We were doing the happy dance!

The sprouted grain flour I got from a local Amish store but if you are looking for a great source for sprouted grains you can also get them online.  Here is a source for sprouted grain flour that looks great.  Their grain is also organic and GMO free.  Sprouted Grain Flour to Order

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