Last Thursday evening, in a stunning display of affectionate snuggles, Ruthie, the miniature horse, hit the road for a local church event. Costumed tots were delighted with her shaggy mane, soft muzzle and dainty trot as she impressed the crowd with her cuteness.

One particularly adorable patron was so enamored with Ruthie’s charms that she cried when strapped back into her stroller to move along. This baby, whose name is unknown, giggled uncontrollably as she petted Ruthie’s fuzzy nose and patted her furry ears.

Although the firetrucks parked right next to her pen, Ruthie kept her cool and remained calm. As for the costumes, our little star didn’t seem a bit put out by the unusual garb donned for the festivities and walked among the children with great decorum.

Bringing the farm to the community has never been so fun!

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