I have been reminded recently of how much my horses teach me.  A family has been coming over to play with the horses and I’ve been struck with the unique characteristics of each horse as they interact with these children.  I’m always put in mind of how different my children are from one another and from me and how my approach to each should be unique and tailored to their bent and personality.  Even boundaries amongst similarly aged children sometimes require tweaking.

Having three teenagers forces me to stay on my toes but it is good to be reminded in a tangible way just how special each child is and, like horses, how they have their “spooky” moments and their “freeze” moments, how they sometimes want to move their feet and how having the patience to wait for my child to think about what they have learned is so important.  I’m sad to admit that I am often much more patient with my animals than with my people.  Lord, help me do better!

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